Grace Hill Media is a dynamic, full-service PR and marketing firm originally established to reach an enormous and underserved population Ė religious America. Over the years, however, we have come to know numerous other untapped communities and provide them with an array of services from consumer outreach to grassroots marketing. Not only the industry leader in church-based promotion, Grace Hill serves nonprofit associations, educational organizations and family-friendly groups. Through our extensive database, we are able to reach thousands of journalists, pastors, community leaders and entertainment fans and provide them promotional and advertising opportunities for theatrical and DVD releases, television shows, books, gaming, and much, much more.

faith Every weekend, 43% of Americans attend church or synagogue. Thatís nearly 130,000,000 people! Grace Hill is committed to making these Americans aware of entertainment which shares in their beliefs, that explores their values, enhances and elevates their view of the world and draws them closer to God.

family Film and television are powerful mediums that influence the lives of children for better or for worse. If used properly, the big and small screen can educate, inspire and entertain Ö all at the same time! Grace Hill is dedicated to finding such projects and making sure they arenít lost among the Hollywood shuffle.

community According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are nearly 1.4 million nonprofit groups in the United States. Through movie screenings and promotions, Grace Hill reaches nonprofit, social, political and community organizations, and have made them a significant component in the success of our marketing campaigns.


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